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OPTRON Group (Pty) Ltd is a distributor and integrator of leading technology brands that deliver products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds.

OPTRON Group is a distributor, supporter and integrator of leading technology brands that deliver products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Our offerings are built around core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity and data analytics which enables customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose-built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, the software, hardware and services we supply are transforming industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

Established in 1986, OPTRON has provided technology solutions to the sub-Sahara Africa markets for over 30 years. The Group is structured with a centralised back office, providing sales- and customer support to its various industry focused subsidiaries:


OPTRON (Pty) Ltd

Supplies Geospatial hardware and software solutions used by surveyors in Mining, Construction, Private Practice, and Government sectors



Provides hardware and software solutions that support the concept of a digitally ‘connected’ Construction and Mining operations.


Vantage SSA (Pty) Ltd

Supplies the Agricultural sector with the latest technology to enable more efficient soil preparation, planting, pest control and harvesting.


BuildingPoint SA (Pty) Ltd

The sole distributor in Sub Saharan Africa for the Trimble Buildings portfolio of industry-leading solutions.


OPTRON Moyo PB (Pty) Ltd

Providing professional services to enable and support technology in our customers’ businesses.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

OPTRON Group (Pty) Ltd fully associates itself with the strategic importance of the effective transformation of Measured Entities, as regulated by the Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, BEE ACT 53 of 2003.

OPTRON Group thus strives to at all times pursue the objectives of economic transformation and representative control as structured by the Codes while at the same time uphold sound business principles in the interest of sustainable business and service delivery of quality to our customers. Our demonstrated support of the Codes is inter alia reflected by the fact that we achieved full scores on Enterprise Development and Social Economic Development, as well as by our recruitment philosophy and selection process.

Our current BBBEE status is LEVEL 4

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