Offering hardware, software and value-add services along the value chain in various industries.

Connected hardware, software and service solutions provided by OPTRON Group helps our customers to connect the digital- and physical worlds and unlocks the value of industrial technology.

Established Industries


Integrating high-quality, productive workflows and data exchange to drive efficiency, productivity, safety and value across a global customer base.


Enabling quick, safe and efficient construction, maintenance and operation of the world’s roads and civil infrastructure.


Leveraging proven technologies to help farmers improve crop performance, and maximize production of safe, reliable food supplies.


Helping architects, engineers, contractors, and owners optimize construction projects and manage building complexities with smart, innovative tools.


Integrated solutions allow mining professionals in planning, production, processing and finance to make more informed, faster decisions using trusted data.

Emerging Industries

Apart from the current industry-focused technologies that  OPTRON Group distributes, Trimble also develops technology solutions for other industries which can be considered future opportunities.

Trimble consistently spends ~15% of revenue on R&D which scores it in the top 5% of NASDAQ companies in this regard. The nett result is a constant flow of innovative technologies which we take to market in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Many of these offerings are very mature and, in some instances, have not been introduced in our  ‘territory’ yet. Our ability to take these solutions to market is a further growth opportunity for OPTRON Group.


Our solutions are designed to improve productivity and streamline forestry operations.

Our portfolio provides solutions to manage the full raw-materials cycle: planning, planting, growing, harvesting, transportation and processing. We offer world leading integrated software and solutions for collecting, communicating and analysing  information across and throughout the forestry business, all in real time.


Our rail solutions combine the latest technologies with customized software and wireless communications to maintain and construct rail infrastructure and manage rail transport assets.

We use integrated processes and workflows for complete rail infrastructure and life cycle management of rail transport assets — from planning, design, and construction to operation, maintenance and repair.


We provide high-performing asset management software for electric and natural gas utilities. Our purpose – helping energy utilities reach full potential.

Our modular and scalable offering combines the key capabilities of state-of-the-art asset management tools with utility GIS software, complemented with applications for planning, construction, operations, and maintenance for energy network.


We offer a comprehensive suite of water industry solutions, including mapping, asset management, mobility, event management, and IoT & remote monitoring.

We help customers optimize asset performance, field productivity and compliance, while enhancing safety, sustainability and quality of service.


We provide visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity, while providing service excellence.

Our solution suite includes fleet management, work management and scheduling, worker safety and mobility solutions that transform the effectiveness of work, workers and assets in the field, all from one fully-integrated platform.

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